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Tales of Pirates is a 3D Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game developed by the Chinese company MOLI. Tales of Pirates is published by IGG (Internet Gaming Gate), Welcome join the tales of pirates forum


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WLO useful links



  • Wonderland online useful links
  • WLO Guide for Stars Goddess1 Skill Quest
    All About Desktop Computer Dragon Soul Skill Guide
    Eva's Quest Guide 14% crit weapon from quest
    Eva Dream Quest Guide New pet V 4.0 -Yan Lin
    The Wizards Magic Mirror High level pet training Guide
    Charlotte's Quest Guide National Treasure-Monday
    Angela Quest Guide New pet V 4.0 -Louise
    Quests for getting human pets [Ver.3.0] How to get Sam
    FRED Quest Guide Xi Pheng/Hayate(ninja girl) information
    SHASHA Quest Guide Golden Compass-Tuesday
    Qlaya Quest Guide Q&A-Wednesday
    A guide on how to burst with Shasha in 4 rounds How to enhance the equipments with strong scrolls



    The new character Breillat 15 Round Challenge-Friday Hiding Skills info
    Band of Brothers-Saturday Help of character building Trojan War-Sunday
    Rebirth Quest Guide The eggs for the quest in holy village Goddess 2 skill-fairy skill
    Volley Skill Guide Blood Suck Attack Quest Guide Other Way To make Subtle Clothes
    Quest Help King Gown/Plume Clothes/Night Wear Getting to Hawaii (8-12 store) for Compounds
    Alchemy Sensei - Red Dragon Gown  how to make a hot-air balloon  Guide-make a plane
     Quick Tip for Earning EXP and Gold  Kanako Quest Guide details  shasha Quest full info
     Full info about job/class skill  WLO Quests Ghost Isle  WLO Quests Sea changel
     WLO Quests Mars  WLO Quests Moon  WLO Quests Snow Island
     WLO Quests Relic Island  WLO Quests Hanging Garden  WLO Quests Ancient Yazhou City
     WLO Quests Athens  WLO Quests Yamataikoku  WLO Quests African Villages
     Burst Guide 4 Turn for all class  Experience with the Wedding System



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