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Xi Pheng/Hayate(ninja girl) information


Xi Pheng/Hayate(ninja girl)
element :wind
skill : star**physical attack(sp 40)
        2.kill cut**physical attack**(sp 75)

how to get her
reward:3% exp capsul*1, forgotten scroll*1, star*1, stone bag*1, Xi Pheng join ur team
step1.go to Yamatai with guard at gate(left guard)he will ask u to help him find 4 ninja in village and defeat them...after u defeated the
ninja go back to talk with the guard again u will get the reward

step1.go to emperor Himiko house(the house with 2 guard) 2nd floor u will see a ninja with her and her will run

step2.go out from Himiko house and go to left warp of village...u will warp to new map...go to next warp untill u at
last warp...u will see a ninja girl with her and let fight

step3.go back to Yamatia and go to Hmo house(top left of village) talk with him and go up to 2nd floor...u will see a
ninja girl at here...stop her to kill the man in here
after that the grope of ninja will come...let fight

step4.go to japan(kyoto) and go in left warp(top) and go in left warp intill u at last warp...go to top right of map
u will see blood at it a ninja girl will fall from three...after that a group of ninja will come for kill ninja her...let fight

step6.after u won talk with a ninja girl and give her detoxification potion...Xi Pheng will join ur team

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