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Angela Quest Guide


element :water

skill :1.thunder beating**magical atk 2 target**(sp57)

       2.holy light recovery**assistant grade12 heal 1028HP**(sp80) >_< level 1 grade 1 heal 500+HP

equipment :angel armlet +maxHP 350 and resistant from seal 30%

how to get her

condition  :taked "angel statue" to Bangkok(follow step 1-5 in Charlotte quest) completed the Charlotte quest

step1.go to "Moon" with "coconot basin" by "spaceship"

step2.go to rigth bottom of moon...u will see "jade rabbit" with it and give coconot to it

step3.back to Earth *reward- 3x exp potion*

step4.go to "Moon" with "manual blaender" by "spaceship"

step5.go to jade with it and give manual blander to it...u will get "potato for jade rabbit"
*reward-potato for jade rabbit and exp10% capsul

step6.go to "Oslya" with "potato for jade rabbit"

step7.go inside cave 3 ...u will see new warp piont..go in

step8.u will warp to " pukui mountain" here u will see "old lady" and "jade rabbit" with old lady and give "potato of jade rabbit" to her....she will tell u about angel and let u go in forest

step10.go in lastest forest u will see "Angela" bathing with her...she will ask ur help to find her cloth

step12.go out 1 map and go to here u will see Angela's cloth

step13.u need "ladder" for get the cloth

step14.after u got her cloth...back to Angela and give the cloth to her...and her will join ur team

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