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Charlotte's Quest Guide


First of all, this is the first guide I make; I hope you find it very helpful.

Second, I know there are other guides similar to this one already, I just made an effort and tried to make a better guide and bring it to you. If someone finds an error or something I missed to write, please feel free to tell me. I will divide the whole quest in 4 parts.

Requirements: None.
Items required: A vehicle to travel to Snow Island and Bangkok.
Rewards: Charlotte will join your team, Ma Stone (Quest prop), Fairy Armlet (Max Hp +200, Speed +200), Magic Key (Needed in Eva’s quest).

First part

Travel to Snow Island by jalor or plane, leave from South Island or South Pole.

Make sure you have a pet slot available before you go.

Once there, follow this path until you reach the last floor.

The cave I marked in the last floor leads to a room with a ? mark on it, go to the ? mark, and you will meet the Direction Monster. After she joins your team, travel to Bangkok.

Second part
After getting to Bangkok, go to the jungle (South of town), and follow the path until you find the entrance to the maze of Angkor.

Once you enter the maze, go into this room, and read the paper on the wall.

Go through any of the 3 doors that are not the one which you came from, and with the help of the Direction Monster, you will enter the secret path to the fairy’s world, and she will leave your team.

Third part
If you follow the secret path correctly, you will enter the fairy’s world (That seems to be another part of Angkor). In this place, go to the northwest corner of the map and go through one of the entrances.

Once inside, follow this path to go to Alfer Village, the hometown of elves.

You will see many spirits wandering around; they will say that the Elder is looking for Charlotte, so go to see the Elder here.

After you talked to her, follow this path to reach the mountain top.

Step on the border of the mountain and talk to the spirits, you will fall down.

After you fall down, enter the cave and go to the ? mark, you will meet a Liondove that will try to eat you, but Charlotte will come out to save you from it.

Go out of the cave and Charlotte will help you to go back to the top of the mountain, now return to Alfer Village and talk with the Elder again.

Fourth part
The Elder will tell you that you are the ‘savior’, and she will ask you to go to the Holy Place, or something like that. Go back to Angkor and enter here.

Once inside, follow this path, and don’t forget to take the Magic Key in a room near there, this key is needed for Eva’s quest.

When you get here, Charlotte will come and open the door for you, now you are in the Holy Place.

Walk to the ? mark and you will start a battle with the Holy Beast (15000 Hp), and 5 or 6 Liondoves (Around 6000 Hp each), that will only appear 2 at a time. After you beat them, the Holy Beast will accept that you are the ‘savior’.

Now go back to the Elder, she will give you a Ma Stone (Quest prop), and Charlotte will join your team at last.

To finish, you can go here and play a mini game with a spirit, if you win you will receive a Fairy Armlet (Max Hp +200, Speed +200) for Charlotte.

Thanks for reading, enjoy your new companion!

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