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RuneScape Item Database: Sliced banana


The Contents Were Removed By Owner!
Item: Sliced banana
Item Image
Category: Food
Stackable: No
Tradable: Yes
Equips: No
Members: No
Quest: No
Weight: Unknown

Grand Exchange Data (Click here to view on RuneScape's Grand Exchange db)
Minimum price: 5 Market price: 6 Maximum price: 7
Change in price:   7 Days: +0% 30 Days: +0%
Last Updated from RuneScape's GE into RuneHQ DB: 2008-07-16 05:17:58
Street Price:         Unknown
Buy from Specialty Store for:         N/A
Buy from General Store for:         Unknown
Sell to General Store for:         2.00 gp
Low Level Alchemy Reward:         2.00 gp
High Level Alchemy Reward:         Unknown
Examine Info: You swear you had more than three slices before.
Item Uses: Unknown
Item Effects: Unknown
Item Options: Unknown
Requirements to Wear/Wield/Use/Make: Unknown
Respawn Location: Unknown
Where Found: Player made.
Notes: Made by using knife on banana.Heals 2 hp.Used in members Tai Bwo Wannai Trio quest to make banana-rum.
Data Submitted By: darkdogit10 and pokemama.

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