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Tales of Pirates is a 3D Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game developed by the Chinese company MOLI. Tales of Pirates is published by IGG (Internet Gaming Gate), Welcome join the tales of pirates forum


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The Name of Evil-1



Learn about the strange phenomena occurring on the Primeval Isle

Start Level


Start Location

Primeval Isle - Southern Island


One Time Only Solo


Progression to In the Name of Evil Part 2

Newbie Rewards







The Name of Evil - 1
By Malitia

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1)The quest starts out with talking to the NPC “Mushika “ you just saved. He sends you to speak with NPC “Karakawei”.

2) Karakawei says to do the ritual he needs some dinosaur parts. 2 Ornithonmimus’ claw and 2 Deinonychus bone.

The drop rate of the quest items didn’t seem to be 100%.

3) Once you have them return to Karakawei, and he will perform the ritual (the choice you had to make earlier in the quest about asking him before or after the spirit is irrelevant as we see now).

The ritual reveals that you must locate hidden stone statues in the Lost Nest region, and speak to them. The first location is marked, and the word you must input to it is, “tepu”.


3) You must travel deep inside to get to the monument; taking a left once you pass through the tunnel from the harbor to the Lost Nest. Once going left, keep heading north, and you will encounter a T-Rex. Hint: the T-Rex always moves in a set patrolling circular movement. If you wait for him you can follow behind him when he moves away from you, and get passed before he circle’s back around to you. After passing by the T-Rex, and still heading north you will encounter a very defined road curving up a ramp. The tablet will be on your left, after the end of the road, you’ll need to move around the tree to get to it. Use your own method here. You will encounter many T-Rex and Pterosaur, so be careful.

Select “I would like to receive wisdom about the item Mushika gave me.” And it will go through a few more screens and you discover there is another tablet you must find. The word you need to input on the 2nd tablet is, “toon”.

4) You reach this one by taking a right hand turn after the tunnel from the Harbor leading to the lost nest. Do as you please to get to the tablet, but if you are an explorer, there is a bit of a helpful hint here: if you keep going to the right, and watch your east view, you will end up seeing 2 paths. 1 is a very defined road leading up a ramp(traditional route), and further over to the right you’ll eventually see a pathway leading forward. To the RIGHT of this pathway is a large tree that you can actually sneak up around the base of. Go to this tree, and follow its roots to circle around the tree eastward. You’ll know you are in the correct spot, because when you circle the tree you are going to find a stone tablet; Chatu Kaimu, the third one, but not the one you want right now. Heading East-Northeast from this tablet you will find your 2nd tablet with little T-rex agro.

The tablet goes through the same preliminary speech as before, and then displays new text afterward. You should check all the wisdoms until the quest activation kicks in (usually by asking about the item Mushika gave you). This tablet tells you it doesn’t know and sends you off to a third and final tablet.

5) So you will again journey into the Lost Nest, taking a right-hand turn after the Tunnel that leads from the Harbor to the Lost Nest. Watch your east for an entrance upward once your quest-location-pointer directs you to go eat. The word you need to enter on this tablet is, “wagu”. It goes through the same preliminary text, and then tells you about the item Mushika gave you when you select “Show the relic you received from Mushika” He says the item was used to defeat a great evil by the outsider of fate, and sends you back to see Mushika now that you have an answer.


6) Once you return to Mushika and quest him, the quest is complete. There is no reward for the quest, however it does give you access to Name of Evil 2 from NPC “Asamah”.

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