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Ivillis Temple / Ivillis Leanes


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Starting NPC

Darz Location
Darz Image:NPCDarz3.jpg

Ivillis Temple / Ivillis Leanes

Quest Starting Location: Deep within the bowels of Ivillis Temple
Quest : Ivillis Temple / Ivillis Leanes
NPC : Darz
Quest Requirement : Have in Leaders pack

  • Ruby of Joy droped by Ivillis Guardian <lvl 45>
  • Ruby of Anger droped by Ivillis Quaker <lvl 55>
  • Ruby of Sorrow droped by Ivillis Mushellizer <lvl 65>

Be in a party with everyone between Level 70~75

Objective : Talk to Darz, he will teleport you to Leanes chamber. Kill Ivillis Leanes. He will spawn Ivillis Dandyshers

Ivillis Leanes
Image:Ivillis Leanes.jpg
Ivillis Dandysher
Image:Ivillis Dandysher.jpg

Note:This is a Timed hunt.If you don't kill it in time, you all get Teleported back out. Elementing suits and weapons is efficient. The giant is immune to all spells. So its Clobberin' time. Hint kill Leanes first for he will respawn Dandyshers if you kill them first.

Reward: Monster drops and Experience gained.

Quest Text:


Accepting Quest Text:


Denying Quest Text:


During Quest Text:


Completed Quest Text:


Next Stage in Quest

  • Quest complete

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