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Bellato Level 1-30 Specialist Beginners Guide



Bellato specialis must be the most popular class among the four classes of Bellato, since after changing job, they can drive MAU and be protected by thick armor. Plus, with its 110,000 HP, Bellato specialist can even be called BT.

When you finish beginner tutorial, you’ll receive a weapon bow or a gun depending on your choice. You may be curious why the system gives specialist long range weapon. That’s because specialist can make ammunition using some materials. It’s a regret that specialist’s long rang PT cap is not as high as ranger, so its attack is restricted.

Upon level 30, Bellato specialist can choose to become a Driver and pilot huge mech or become a Craftsman. If you choose to become a Driver, you’d better train your melee PT and wear warrior armor so that you’ll have high defense and won’t be killed easily while getting off the MAU. If you choose to become a Craftsman, you’d better train your long range PT, use bow or gun and set up a guard tower beside you, pull monsters and kill them.
When specialist is born, he will receive a mining machine and a small battery. He can first go mining and then level at night when there are fewer players around.

Level 1-10

Kill Young Flem, Wing and Flem just outside the city, you’ll soon reach level 4. If you want to drive MAU in the future, you can choose to train you melee PT. Wear your first set of equipment, bring enough HP potions and go out of city to level up. Through killing FlemGuard and Demolis, you’ll easily move to level 10.

About PT: You don’t have to grind your PT hard. The PT gained from killing monsters is enough for you to wear level 10 equipment.

About earning money: There is a high rate for monsters to drop items and equipments, so one bag is not enough. You’d better try hard to buy 3 bags. Upon completing Lunker quest, you’ll obtain one more bag! If you focus on mining first, you’ll have enough money to buy enough bags quickly.

Area inside the red circle is level 1-10 monsters area

Level 11-20

You’d better concentrate on completing quests. While you are doing quests, you can level up as well. The quest rewards include equipment, experience, money and the most important, contribution points. Kill Ratmoth, Splinter and other monsters according to quest. Since those are quest monsters, there are a lot of players fighting around. You’d better party with other players. The more party members, the better. It’s ok to level alone, but it will be slower for you to level up.

About PT: As a matter of fact, to those choosing to drive MAU, character’s PT is not so important. But you’d better train your melee PT and wear warrior equipment, so yon won’t be killed easily.

About earning money: Earn money while leveling up. The money gained from selling dropped items will be enough for you to buy HP potions. If monsters drop some super powerful items, you’ll make a small fortune. You already have a mining machine, so just buy some batteries and mine ores.

Area inside the red circle is level 11-20 monsters area

Level 21-30

Now, it’s more difficult for you to level up. Specialist’s MAU cap is higher than other classes, and his melee and long range PT are comparatively low, so his attack is restricted. What to do? Ask some other player to lead you, or buy Cordial. Level up according to quest. Fight those monsters that are 3 levels higher than you. You’ll gain experience and train your PT as well.

About PT: There is no need for you to grind PT. It’s ok if you have enough PT for wearing level 29 equipment. Upon level 30, you can drive MAU and there is no problem even if you have nothing on. The key point is the moment when you get off MAU, no one makes a sneak attack to you. It’s bad to be killed by some player in a second. Hurry to reach level 30 and train your unit PT in MAU.

About earning money: There will be fewer dropped items and you will feel money is far from enough. If you wanna buy a MAU, you need to have 1 million bucks in hand.

Area inside the red circle is level 25-30 monsters area

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