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Accretia Level 1-30 Specialist Beginners Guide


Level 1-10

Equip your weapon and go level up outside the town and do the first quest, kill Young Flem, Wing, DeserKlan and you’ll quickly reach level 4. Then, the system will inform you that there is a new quest for you, but you can ignore it and just focus on leveling. Wear your level 4 equipment, cross the bridge, kill Flem and Heavy Wing to move to level 7. After putting on level 7 equipment, you’d better go back to town and buy more potions. Then, go deep into the map to do quest. After crossing Heavy Wing zone, go straight forward, you’ll soon find SplinterBrat to kill. Then, you can kill Host Mahr. You’ll reach level 10 in a while.

About PT: no need to hard PT grinding. Focus on killing monsters and your PT will be basically enough.

About earning money: Level beside HQ and sell all the items as soon as your bag is full. When you have three bags, you’ll have enough space for your items. You’ll receive a bag when you fulfill level 4 quest, so don’t waste your money to buy the fourth bag

The area in red circle is level 1-10 monsters area

Level 11-20

Players mainly focusing on killing level 11-20 monsters near outpost or doing quests according to routes provided by the system notice. Personally, I suggest you fulfill all the quests. You can earn quest bonus, including experience, gold, equipment and contribution points. Contribution points are particularly difficult to earn, so grab as much as possible through doing quests!

Kill Ratmoth and Splinter on the left side of outpost. Then kill Warbeast, Klan and BlockLunker in the upper part of outpost. Basically, players will focus on killing monsters in quests. If you have a shield to protect you, you’ll just lose a little blood. If you wanna level faster, you’d better wield a two-handed weapon. Since you’re not far away from HQ, when you potion is out, just go back to HQ and buy some more.

About PT: It’s quite easy to grind your PT. You can grind your PT while leveling.

About earning money: The money you earn from selling dropped items is almost equal to what you spend on potion.If you need more money, you can go mining at the mining area.

Area inside the red circle is level 11-20 monsters area

Level 21-30

The leveling speed dramatically decreases. You’d better not just focusing on leveling while ignoring PT grinding. It’s more difficult to grind your PT when your level is quite high. So, it’s time to test your patience.

For level 21-25, you’d better level near outpost according to quest information, killing such monsters as Snatcher Hurl,Lava and Gaff. After level 25, you have to search the four corners of the map to kill those higher levelmonsters. The monsters there spawn fast and there are enhanced monsters, so you’d better party with other players to take care of each other. Players will loot monsters in the same area more since their leveling speed tends to be slower. If you are bold enough, you can go to arms factory 213 HQ and kill monsters there. The monsters there are high level, so you’ll need more potions. Leveling alone is not a good idea. Better party with other players.

About PT: Now it’s necessary for you to train PT hard. Don’t get nervous if other players’ level is above you. If your PT is too low, your character will be nothing but rubbish. And it’s more difficult to grind your PT later. So, do make sure grind your PT as much as possible at this period.

About earning money: You’ll notice that the money you earn from the dropping is not enough for you to buy potion. You have to mine in the mine area! Lalala~~~I’m a happy miner~~~~

Area inside the red circle is level 25-30 monsters area

Personally speaking, although specialist is capable of fighting, but it is a crafting-oriented rather than a fighting-oriented class. And it’s seems that the success rate of item upgrading of specialist is a little higher than other classes.

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