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Tales of Pirates is a 3D Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game developed by the Chinese company MOLI. Tales of Pirates is published by IGG (Internet Gaming Gate), Welcome join the tales of pirates forum


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RFO How to build your character


. Once you create your character you will start at your races HQ. All the races(Bellato, Cora, Accretia) have a seperate HQ and area around it. The HQ's are quite far away.
If you leave your HQ you can be attacked. See the PvP guide in my signature.
. The first thing you will be presented is event boxes which explain the basics and let you choose a weapon. The choices for your weapon are different depending on your class. IE, a ranger can pick from a bow or gun. Warriors have much more choices because of the various melee weapon types.

. Then you will want to leave the to go outside your HQ to the protected area with lower level monsters.

  • Clicking a target will select it. Click again or press space to attack.
  • You will automatically continue to attack.
  • Once a target dies containers are dropped containing items. This ranges from equipment, amulets/rings, to crafting items. These drops are set different for different monsters. You can know what a certain monster has a chance to drop.
  • You can click on these boxes or press x to pick them up. You can pick up loot while you fight. Loot are assigned to players, this assignment is lost after a few minutes.
  • Each hit you make gives you XP based on damage done.
  • Once a monster dies the person that shot it first gets a bonus kill-xp. This bonus is shared throughout your party. There is not kill stealing, basically, except for quests which require you to get the last hit.

. Early on you will level extremely quickly. If you join a party whenever someone kill a monster everyone, including them, gets that bonus kill-xp. So early on it's benefitial to get a group that's in the same area, but killing seperate monsters. Everyone in the area gets that bonus with nothing lost. The only problem with this is loot spreading.
. The first thing you'll want to buy is potions so you'll no longer have to rest. Then you'll want to save up to buy more bags. You start with one, and can hold up to 5. These are important because it make your time spent more effeciant. You won't have to keep going to town to sell over and over.


. Often people cross-train their PT's. RFo does not have stat points or skill points. Instead, any class can use Melee weapons, Ranged weapons, or staves(bellalto and cora)/launchers(accretia). However, the classes asociated with these weapons are better at using them. Usually, people will cross train to be able to use certain armors or to get a PT's passive benefit. All skills are bought in shops. You can unequip skills from your character and put them in your inventory and then sell trained skills to people or give them to someone lower elvel so they can level faster. Using spells require staves to use, and the damage on the staff is calculated for the spells damage.

HP/SP/FP are as follows:
  • (HP)Health points lower when you take damage. This is what decides if you're alive or dead. Very simple.
  • (SP)Stamina points lower when you run and some high-end skills use stamina for aswell. If you run out of stamina you can only walk.
  • (FP)Force points lower when you cast spells. If you don't have enough you can't cast spells.
There are potions that instantly heal a certain ammount of each of these stats. They are very costly since you will be using so many. HP/SP/FP potions are on a seperate 3 second timer from each other. You'll basically being using a potion after each time you're hit in PvE. In PvP you need to use them more strategically to stop from dying.
The PT's effects are as follows:
  • Melee PT increases accuracy and damage with Melee weapons. This is raised each time you hit with a melee weapon.
  • Ranged PT increases accuracy and damage with ranged weapons AND increases your maximum stamina.(also maximum FP for accretia, since they don't have magic) This is raised each time you hit with a ranged weapon.
  • Force PT increases accuracy and damage with force spells and your maximum FP. This is raised each time you hit with a spell.
  • Shield PT increases your block chance with shield. This is raised whenever you block.
  • Defense PT increases your maximum health. This is raised whenever you are hit.
  • MAU PT dictates what upgrades you can use. This is raised each time you hit while in a mech.
  • Summoner PT.. someone clarify for me.
  • Launcher PT increases accuracy and damage with Launchers. This is raised each time you hit with launchers.(includes when using a siege kit)
Weapons require a certain ammount of PT to weild. As higher level monsters have higher evasion, you will not be able to hit them with to low of pt with certain levels. What does this mean? Well, if you're level 35 it's to late to raise your ranged pt if it's only at 1, so you can't decide you want to use ranger armor then because of the ranged armor pt requirements.

Each armor type has different boosts for each peice.The chest peice has more armor and a greater effect than, say, gloves. Your attack delay is 1.00 when naked and this lowers depending on the armor you are wearing. The armor effects are as follows:
  • Warrior armor has the highest defense by far of the other armors. It gives an accuracy bonus. It lowers your attack speed by quite alot.

  • Spiritualist armor has the second highest armor, but isn't far above Rangers. It gives a max FP increase, a force damage increase, and a force spell range increase. It lowers your attack speed slightly less than warriors.

  • Ranger armor gives a run speed bonus, resists to elemental damages, and no attack speed penalty at all(or very little). The difference between attack speed with warrior armor and ranger armor is VERY noticable.

  • Launcher armor has defense the same as spiritualists and it gives a bonus to launcher accuracy(higher than that of warriors) and faster attack speed with ONLY lauchers.
Each armor has a PT requirement that is higher depending on the armors level requirement. Warriors often use ranger armor for the attack speed, however it's suicidal to be up close with ranger armor and not have a shield at higher levels.

It is important to train your defense and have the PT for the weapon you use high. Characters may be limited to using the same defense armors and same damage weapons(excluding talic upgrades and intensities, and combined weaposn that have 5 level lower req), but they are definantly not the same strengh because they are the same level. Someone with more defense will have higher life. Someone with higher pt in their melee will do more damage with their melee weapon. Someone with higher shield PT will block more. etc.

Skills use the same level-when-you-hit training system. You do not level them with skill points like most MMORPGs. Like i said, you can train skills then save them.

The max level for all skills is 7. After that it gets Grand Mastered. Grand Master'ed skills often(Always?) have a bonus effect. It takes quite a while to Master skills, however.

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