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Scions of Fate House


In Scions of Fate, once you reach level 35 and pass your second promotion, you are given the rights to create a House.

In order to create a House, the leader must visit Lady JaLin of YooJung (Order) or Lady Cho of XiaTu (Chaos) and pay the House Establishment Fee of 1,000,000 gold, and will thus receive the title of House-House Master, Clan-Clan Master, Alliance-Alliance Master, Guild-Guild Master, Family-Family Master, Fraternity-Fraternity Master, Sorority-Sorority Master, or School-School Master.

You cannot enter spaces or special characters in the House Name.
Once you select a House Name, your House is established and you may begin recruiting House members.


    In Scions of Fate, Houses have different levels based on their fame. As the House level increases, it is allowed more members and official staff.
House fame is equivalent to the sum of experience obtained by the house members, and properly owned by the house and etc.

Level Members Officers Required Fame Advantage
1 Max 50 1 0 House Storage
2   2 100 Territorial War, House Uniform
3   3 500 Castle Siege
4   4 1000 Unification



 The ones in the parenthesis are for Chaos.        

Title Officer Rights
House Master 1 Member invitation/removal/promotion/storage management
Vice House Master 2 Member invitation/removal
Financial Elder (Officer) 3 Storage management
Legislative Elder (Officer) 4 Establish and Enforce House rules
Elder (Officer) 4 Member Management
Elder (Officer) 4 Member Management

    * The promotion of the members has not been implemented in the game.        


The rights to admitting players into a House are only given to the House Master or Vice Master, and the command is "/joinhouse ID".
Houses of the Order may only recruit members of the Order, and Houses of the Chaos may only recruit members of the Chaos. Neutral players can be recruited by either faction.


The rights to expulsing players from a House are only given to the House Master or Vice Master, and the command is "/expelhouse ID".
A player that has been expulsed from a House will be unable to join any House for 3 days.


Only the House Master is able to do disband the House and the command is "/leavehouse".
When a House has been disbanded, the House level, fame, and House storage disappears. The House Master is then unable to establish another House for 10 days or join another House for 7 days.


Only the House Master may register a House Insignia and the command is "/reghouse".
The House Insignia size is 16x16, and it must be saved within the Scions of Fate install directory's Guild folder as mark.bmp to be registered.
The House Insignia will be displayed to the left of the character's name.


The House Storage is accessible through every Banker NPC.
The House Members may only store items, while the House Master and Financial Elder are the only ones that may withdraw items.
House Storage use is free.


The shortcut key for opening the House Window is Ctrl+G, and you may view the rank, list, and availability of House Members through this page. 


House chat is only viewable by House Members and the shortcut key is Alt+G.
When you wish to whisper to a House member, type "/whisper housememberID" into the chat window.

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