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Conquer Online - Guide - CPs Shop


Shopping Mall

Now, CPs are used in Conquer Online as special dummy coins to purchase rare items in Shopping Mall. Its full name is: Conquer Online Points.

How do I get Conquer Points?

1. After you credit TQ Point Cards on the website, you will get Conquer Points, rather than Dragonballs, in game. There are two ways to claim Conquer Points:
A. Find CP Admin (Market, 178 182) to claim. You can claim one TQ Point Card credited per time.

B. Click Claim CP button, which is near Item Lock button. All of your TQ Point cards will be claimed once you click it.

TQ Point Card A = 430 Conquer Points (Equivalent to 2 Dragonballs)
TQ Point Card B = 1075 Conquer Points (Equivalent to 5 Dragonballs)

2. You can still exchange Dragonballs or Dragonball Scrolls for Conquer Points at CP Admin.

3. You can always trade with others for Conquer Points. Sell your items for Conquer Points whenever you are vending in Market or trading with others.

Where Can I Use Conquer Points?

1. Lottery: Before you enter the lottery center, you should pay 27CPs for each entry.
2. Shopping Mall: Many treasures are on sale, and you can purchase them from Great Merchant in the Market.
3. Magnificent Garments: Garments can be purchased from Costumer Chen in the Market, and they can also be drawn in Lottery.

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