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Tales of Pirates is a 3D Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game developed by the Chinese company MOLI. Tales of Pirates is published by IGG (Internet Gaming Gate), Welcome join the tales of pirates forum


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A World Map for Wonderland Online


A Word Map for Wonderland Online

Ghost_Isle Shayii Hill Korea Fishing_Village_of_China Taiwan_China Hawaii_Island Ancient_Yazhou_City Bangkok Yamataikoku South_Pole Snow_Island Barnya_Sky_City Cook's_Fleet Stoowa_Isle Polo_Island Universal Centaur_Island Hezrou_Island Egypt Oslya Lion_Isle Zheng_he's_Fleet Iceberg Revival_Isle Magellan's_Fleet Mayan_Forest South_Island North island Japan Calcutta Inca African Villages Athens
Calcutta Oslya Stoowa Isle
Magellan's Fleet Mayan Forest Egypt
Centaur Island Zheng he's Fleet Revival Isle
Snow Island Hawaii Island Hezrou Island
South Pole Centaur Island Korea
Yazhou City Ghost Isle Shayii Hill
Polo Island Iceberg Cook's Fleet
Barnya Sky City North Island Lion Isle
Japan South Island Taiwan China
African Villages Bangkok Inca
Fishing Village of China Athens Yamataikoku


Ancient Yazhou City(X:6388, Y:3799) Athens
African Villages(X:1422,Y:5415 ) Barnya Sky City(X:4333, Y:10278)
Bangkok(X:5850 Y:4420) Calcutta(X:4842, Y:4000)
Centaur Island(X:3726, Y:6148) Cook's Fleet(X:7660, Y:9815)
Egypt(X:1300, Y:3135) Fishing Village of China(X:7050, Y:3060)
Ghost Isle(X:9163, Y:1217) Hawaii Island(X:9000, Y:4000)
Hezrou Island(X:6690, Y:6500) Iceberg(X:11482, Y:10675)
Inca(X:11430 Y:7860) Korea(X:6960, Y:2255)
Koyota(X:7962, Y:2235) Lion Isle(X:4319, Y:4714)
Magellan Fleet(X:8869, Y:10580) Mayan Forest(X:11722, Y:95955)
Oslya(X:6782, Y:8555) Polo Island(X:5970, Y:5580)
Revival Isle(X:10662, Y:9595) Shayii Hill(X:8355, Y:1498)
Snow Island(X:2370, Y:10935) South Pole(X:6460, Y:11195)
Stoowa Isle(X:7140, Y:10055) Taiwan, China(X:7050, Y:3060)
Universal(X:5020, Y:6600) Yamataikoku(X:7750,Y:2570)
Zheng he's Fleet(X:6180, Y:5095)  


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