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EverQuest II Download Free Trial


The EverQuest®II Rise of Kunark trial allows you to get in the game and try out the critically acclaimed gameplay from the best selling EQII expansion pack free of charge for up to fourteen (14) days. You can experience content added from the Rise of Kunark™ all-in-one compilation pack! There is no credit card or subscription required to participate in this trial.

Download EQII Trial Now

Trial Features:

1.Free play for up to fourteen (14) consecutive days
2.A complimentary digital copy of the EverQuest II Rise of Kunark compilation pack when you convert to a monthly subscription plan for EQII.
3.Includes Dessert of Flames™, Kingdom of Sky™, Echoes of Faydwer™ and Rise of Kunark™ expansion packs and The Bloodline Chronicles™, The Splitpaw Saga™ and The Fallen Dynasty™ adventure packs.
Activation Instructions:

Click 'Download EQII Trial Now' to download the Station Launcher Beta application
Create a Station Account or log in to your existing Station Account
Log in to Station Launcher and select EverQuest II Trial
Upon activation, an extended download period will begin
EverQuest II requires a monthly recurring subscription fee and an internet connection (which you are responsible for) in order to play. If you wish to continue your adventures in EverQuest II once your fourteen (14) days are up, simply convert to a monthly subscription plan for EQII by updating your Station Account subscription information with a valid credit card or an official SOE Game Card to pay the recurring subscription fee.  Entering billing information prior to the end of the fourteen (14) day trial period will terminate the free service and you will lose the balance of any unused free play period game time. Gameplay time is non-transferable, has no cash value and is subject to the game's End User License Agreement and Station Terms of Service.

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