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Tales of Pirates is a 3D Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game developed by the Chinese company MOLI. Tales of Pirates is published by IGG (Internet Gaming Gate), Welcome join the tales of pirates forum


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Magic Anvil

The Magic Anvil is where you can upgrade armor and weapons or compound accessories. You can purchase different types of upgrade and compound scrolls from the NPC Charon. For additional information on upgrading please speak with the Magic Anvil.

Click here to see all the different types of scrolls available.


  Explanation of Upgrade Scrolls

Upgrade Scroll
The item may be upgraded one grade at a time. There is a chance that the item may be destroyed .

Trina's Piece
A Trina's piece is an item that increases your chances at upgrading significantly. Trina’s pieces are available through the power up store or given along with Gold Premium .

Reduce Item Scroll
This scroll allows the required stats to be reduced.  You may reduce an item only one time. There is a chance that the item may be destroyed .

Dispel Scroll
This scroll will add an elemental property to a staff such as fire, glacier and lightning. The success rate is 100% .

Enchant Scroll
This scroll adds stat properties to armor.  There is a chance that the item may be destroyed .

Elemental Scroll
This scroll will add damage to an item by adding elemental properties. There is a chance that the item may be destroyed. This scroll also changes a unique item to be upgradeable!!!

Compound Accessories
Compounding accessories allows you to combine certain items of the same type into a higher grade item .


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