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Cabal Nation War


What Is Nation War
Once you have reached level 95, done the Nation quest, and have selected to join either Capella or Procyon, you can take part in the daily struggle for National dominance - the Nation War. In the Nation War server warriors from each Nation struggle to overtake outposts controlled by massively powerful guardians, kill off the invaders from the other Nation, and ultimately take control of the opposing Nation's capitol to control the battlefield.
Background Story
After the fall of the Sage Tower, the 7 sages were disrupted. Among the fallen 7 sages, Capella and Procyon decided to pursue their principles and have established two different nations named after themselves with their followers in Nevareth. The nations come into conflict with each other because of their opposing principles. And now they choose war as the final resolution.
Nation Battle is available within every field map. The "Lakeside" and the "Forgotten Ruins" maps are also available.
Where Nation Battle is available, enemy characters' names will be shown in red. You can attack them without using the Shift key. (You cannot interact with enemy characters in any other way like chatting.)
If you succeed in Player Killing enemy characters, you will be rewarded with a certain amount of Honor Points. (Honor Point Reward (Minimum 10 Points) = -100 + {(300 X defeated enemies) / (numbers of your confederation members + numbers of the enemy confederation members)} )
Nation Battle Tips
1. When neutral characters that have not joined a nation enter a war zones, their name will be unreadable and displayed in orange.
2. If you successfully Player Kill a neutral character, you will be rewarded with 1 Honor Point.
3. If you Player Kill a character in a war zone regardless of his pledged nation, and the level difference between you and the character exceeds the limit, you will be rewarded only with 1 Honor Point.
4. You will be rewarded with Honor Points for hunting monsters in war zones following the formula below.
(Minimum 1 point and Maximum 3 points) = -4 + {(12 X numbers of the enemy nation members) / (numbers of your confederation members + numbers of the enemy nation members
-- From EU Official site
Here are some things you CANNOT do on the battlefield:
  • Go to Character Selection screen
  • PK / PvP with allies or opponents
  • Trade with opponents
  • Use a "Rename Card"
  • Open a Personal Shop
  • Use a "Remote Shop Card"
  • Use costume items
  • Use Return Stones or Return Cores
  • Engage in a Guild War
  • Use the Remote Inventory Function for the Astral Bike RW-3
  • Enter the battle after 90% of the Mission War time has past
  • Use more than 10 Odd Circles

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