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RuneScape Cheats:Lunar Island


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Hello and welcome to the Lunar Isle, the land of where beasts and magical beings inhabit. The creatures on this island are the Suqah's (level 111). To get onto this wonderful island, you must have done Lunar Diplomacy and also wearing the Seal of Passage. There are many things you can do on this island that you can enjoy. Note: You must wear your Seal of Passage at all times on this island!

City Guide:

Here is a map of the area which you can look at to get familiar with the place:

Lunar Island Map

  1. There are two ways you can get to Lunar Isle. Lunar magik's or the pirate boat ran by Captain Bentley. Captain Bentley will take you from Pirate's Cove to Lunar Isle if you have completed that far into the quest.

    Captain Bentley

  2. This is the entrance of the Moon Clan city! This is where all the important people from the quest are.

    Moonclan City Entrance

  3. This is the Moon Clan's Fine Clothing shop run by Rimae Sirsalis. She will even tan your Suqah hides during the quest to craft pieces of the Lunar armour.

    Clothes Shop

  4. After walking around the island for a while thinking that you have to carry all your stuff with can rest your arms and legs because there is a bank here on this island.

  5. This is the Moon Clan General Store, it is exactly like any other general with all the same stuff. It is run by Melana Moonlander.

    General Store

  6. This area is used during the Lunar Diplomacy quest to enter the Dreamland area. You would use this Ceremonial Brazier to aid in entering the dreamland area.

    Ceremonial Brazier

  7. This is the house of Pauline Polaris, she will give you a question on guessing her real name during the quest. You will also find the Cabin Boy walking around this area after you have arrived to the island.

    Pauline Polaris

  8. This is Selene, she will give you clues so you can find the Lunar ring during the quest.


  9. This is Meteora, she will make a deal with you, trading her Special Tiara for the Lunar amulet during the quest. To get the tiara you must kill the level 111 Suqah's until they drop one.


  10. In this area there is the altar to the Astral rune crafting and Oneiromancer. She will direct you during the quest and congratulate you when you have defeated your inner self and the challenges in Dreamland. She also sells you pieces of the Lunar armour if you have lost it. The altar is also the area where you change your magic to the Lunar magiks.


  11. This area has two main parts to it. The area on top is an area loaded with Suqah's so be careful when you come here. Down the ladder is the mining area, this is where you will mine the Lunar ore for the Lunar helmet. There is also some gold ore, silver ore, gem, and pure essence rocks down here if you feel like a miner.

  12. This is where you would dig up the Lunar ring during the quest (You will need to dig on top of the flowers).

    Lunar Ring Dig Point

  13. This is Baba Yaga's house. Inside she has a rune shop ready to sell runes to you.

    Baba Yaga

    Magic Store

    I hope you have enjoyed reading my guide and hopefully it will help you with many other things.

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