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RuneScape Cheats:Burgh De Rott


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The first thing that should be pointed out is that everything in this town is pretty much useless until you have completed the first part of the 'In Aid of the Myreque' quest, nearly everything in this town is connected to the quest in some way. To gain entrance to the town, you must start the quest, then place an item of food in the chest near the gate otherwise Florin, a local, will throw rotten tomatoes at you over the gate and tell you to go away.


  1. The pub in this town unfortunately doesn't have anything to sell, owing to the fact that the bar pumps are completely wrecked. However, the basement of the building is very important, it becomes the new Myreque hideout after the quest, and will probably be used a lot more as the Myreque storyline is developed further.


  2. The general store doesn't have much in stock, just basic supplies, but it still serves as a good place to sell items, especially if you haven't applied Serum 207 (p) to Razmire in Mort'ton. Before you can access the shop, you must repair the building and collect some supplies.


  3. The bank here is quite useful. It is much closer to Mort'ton, the Haunted Mine and the barrows than Canifis Bank, which makes it a good 'base of operations' for burning shades in Mort'ton and mining in the Haunted Mine. It is also good for doing quests in the area, such as 'Shades of Mort'ton', and 'Haunted Mine'. Before you can use the bank, you must repair the building and the bank booth, and recruit one of the locals to work there. This bank is also used to trade in your Reward Scrolls from the 'Temple Trekking' Mini-Game.


  4. The furnace in Burgh De Rott is not too far from the bank, which makes it a good place to smelt your ores into bars. This is useful if you mine Coal and Mithril in the Haunted mine to the west. Before you can use it though, you must repair and light it.


  5. There are approximately 22 Big Net/Harpoon fishing locations along the coast to the south, including 2 piers. They make for a good place to catch sharks, because the bank is not too far away, and there is also several everlasting fires inside some of the houses to cook your fish on, which makes shark fishing much less crowded than the fishing guild.


    There is also a small boat in one of the sheds, which needs repairs. Currently it does nothing, but it will possibly be used in a future update. When you try to repair it, you are told to leave it alone because it isn't yours.


  6. To the east of the town, there are many Vampire Juveniles and Juvinates, which can be fought (but not killed) with a silver sickle, and killed using the Rod of Ivandis and the Guthix Balance Potion after the quest.


  7. Mort'ton is less than a minute away to the north, just go over the bridge and you're there.


  8. On the western side of the town, there is a low fence you can jump over, and a path that leads to the Haunted Mine. The mine contains Clay, Copper, Tin, Iron, Silver, Coal, Mithril and Adamantite. To access most of the higher level ores, you need the Crystal Mine Key. Coupled with the furnace in town, this mine is now much more feasable to use. This is also a faster way into the swamps, and the Nature Prayer Alter than walking through Mort'ton.


  9. This is where you can start the 'Temple Trekking' Mini-Game, where you have to escort the people to the Temple on the river Salve. To start the Mini-Game, talk to either Dalcian Fang, Fyiona Fray, Valantay Eppel, Jayene Kliyn, Smiddi Ryak or Rolayne Twickit.

    For more information on the Temple Trekking Mini-game you can always look at the Temple Trekking Mini-game Guide.

    Mini Game

Item Spawns

Spawn Map

Bucket - Just west of the well.
Hammer - On the top floor of the building next to the gate.
Pot - On the top floor of the building south of the well.
Garlic - Search the chest in the basement of the Pub.

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