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Dragons Online Stromvauld's Mine


NameStromvauld's Mine
Starts at NPC:Laird Stromvauld
Starts in Zone:Anvil Fire Inn
Quest LengthLong
Patron Favor AwardedHouse Kundarak
Normal: 5
Hard: 10
Elite: 15
Grants temporary access to zone(s):Stromvauld's Mine
Related NPC(s):Quim Stonecutter, Chief Engineer
Related mob(s):
  • Boro Charldon
  • Death Stalker
  • Deqran Marzat
  • Drow Barbarian-Shaman
  • Drow Guardian
  • Drow Hunter
  • Drow Man-at-Arms
  • Drow Peasant
  • Drow Priest
  • Drow Slayer
  • Greater Earth Elemental
  • Greater Fire Element
  • Large Rust Monster
  • Milos Baran
  • Monarch Scorpion
  • Night Scorpion
  • Xandria Lok'kalerin
Items Required
  • Iron Key (SM)

  • Found At :
    • Stromvauld's Mine
Base XP2652
  • Locate the 11 Missing Engineers
  • Defeat the Drow Leader, Xandria Lok'kalerin
  • Free the Chief Engineer
Optional Objectives
  • Collect the 5 rare gems(340)
  • Destroy the 4 Elementals(212)
  • Kill Milos Baran(143)
  • Kill Boro Charldon(1343)
  • Kill Deqren Marzat(143)
  • DescriptionLaird Stromvauld at the Anvil Fire Inn of House Deneith assigns this quest.

    Your objective is to head into the mine and find the missing engineers, who are actually corpses. For optional experience you can find the rare gems. Both the bodies and the gems are random spawns throughout the zone, so be prepared to scour it while searching for them.

    You must also defeat the Drow leader, Xandria Lok'kalerin, and speak with the Chief Engineer, both are marked on our map.
    Map of Stromvauld's Mine

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